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Joint Replacement

The Center for Joint Replacement is a 16-bed orthopedic unit dedicated to caring for patients who have undergone hip and knee replacements. It furnishes an environment that maximizes patient recovery through a consistent team approach to patient care, patient education, increased family involvement and a proven rehabilitation team.

Modeled after similar, highly successful programs in Florida and Maryland, the Center emphasizes patient education, teamwork between staff and orthopedic surgeons, and personalized patient-doctor-staff interaction before, during and after surgery. Patients come in as a group on Monday and Tuesday, when surgeries are performed, and stay until Thursday or Friday for a concentrated regimen of group exercise with physical and occupational therapy, and support from the staff and each other, creating a community of patients who recover together.

To enhance recovery, the unit focuses on teamwork involving the patient, physician, staff and the patient's family. Family members and others are encouraged to participate in the healing process by acting as the patient's "coach" to help speed recovery. Unit staff members spend time with joint replacement surgery recipients, allowing them to build strong relationships with their patients. Patients also build strong relationships with each other and act as a team, offering encouraging words during their journey toward healing through group physical therapy and luncheons.

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