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Ways to Give

The Elkhart General Hospital Foundation offers a wide variety of giving options at different giving levels.

Current Gifts

Cash - Cash gifts are most often in the form of a personal check made payable to the EGH Foundation.

Memorials/Honorary Gifts - Special dedication gifts to the Foundation are recognized on a yearly basis and are for those who wish to make a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one, a dear friend, or a special caregiver. 2010 is International Year of the Nurse. Make a contribution in honor of your favorite nurse.

Celebration of Life Pathway- This is an extra special way to give to the Foundation and make someone special, like a Doctor, Nurse or other caregiver, permanently recognized for years to come.  Individuals can purchase pavers or bricks to be engraved on the grounds of the Celebration of Life Pathway. 

Securities - Stocks and bonds, if held for 18 months or longer, may be transferred to the Foundation and usually avoids the capital gains tax, which would otherwise be incurred if they were sold.

Life Insurance Policies - You can make the Foundation the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.  By doing so, you make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a significant gift.

Gifts of Property - Certain real estate and personal property may be readily transferred to the Hospital.  The current income tax deduction is based upon the fair market value.

Corporate Matching Gifts - Many corporations agree to match personal donations with an equal or greater corporate contribution in order to encourage their employees to make charitable gifts.  The appropriate forms are available from your corporations personnel department.

Deferred or Planned Gifts - There are many ways to make deferred or planned gifts to the Foundation through your Will, various Trust arrangements, or by using some or all of your Retirement Plan assets.  You should seek advice from your legal counsel if you think this type of gift is right for you.  You may also call the Executive Director of the Foundation, Jon Housand at 574-524-7458.

*Important Note - All gifts of property except cash and marketable securities must be approved for acceptance by the Foundation Board.

Elkhart General Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation. A copy of the IRS letter recognizing Elkhart General Hospital Foundation as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization for tax purposes is available upon request. Gift contributions to Elkhart General Hospital Foundation are fully tax-deductible.

For More Information

For more infromation, please call the Elkhart General Hospital Foundation at 574-524-7458.