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Room Service

Elkhart General Hospital’s Nutritional Services department is offering a new approach to inpatient meals. “Room Service At Your Request” allows a patient to order meals from prepared menus when they are hungry.

What is Room Service?

Room Service is the way our patients receive their meals. It is modeled after hotel room service, offering patients a personal touch to dining in the hospital. You can order a variety of freshly prepared meals within your diet restrictions when you are hungry as you would at home or in a restaurant setting.

How Does Room Service Work?

Once your doctor orders your diet, you may select your meal from the room service menu. To place your order, pick up your phone and dial extension 4567. Your meal will be prepared to order and delivered to your room in one-hour or less. Due to the size of your tray, only one main entree item will be allowed per tray.

All items on the menu are available at all meals. You must place an order to receive a meal. The hostess from Nutrition Services, a family member or someone from the nursing staff can help you place an order if needed. Your nurse may give you additional instructions about timing your meals around your medications, tests and treatments.

When is Room Service Available?

You may call and place your meal order from 6:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Keep in mind that your meal is prepared to order and can take up to an hour to arrive.

Please note: Some items on the menu may not be allowed on the diet your doctor has ordered.