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Ribbon of Hope Cancer Support Ministry

When confronted with cancer, a patient faces their own mortality. Many questions are asked including… What does my future hold? Is there life after death? What is going to happen to my family? It is at these times that Ribbon of Hope complements the technical side of cancer care and brings encouragement to patients on their cancer journey.

Ribbon of Hope began in 1999 through the courage and vision of a cancer survivor who longed to serve others battling the same disease. Through the support of friends, family and a local congregation, Ribbon of Hope grew very quickly and the need to partner with others became evident.

Over time God has drawn others to the vision. In 2000, Ribbon of Hope became a not-for-profit organization and partnered with Elkhart General Hospital in an effort to offer additional support to their cancer patients. In 2005, the first governing Board of Directors was formed and in 2006 Elkhart General offered Ribbon of Hope the opportunity to play a more active role with their patients and staff by moving their office to the new Oncology wing.

What began as one person’s vision to provide emotional and spiritual support to cancer patients has grown to an organization that now serves cancer patients, family members and caregivers throughout Michiana.

Today a large number of committed individuals donate their time to provide spiritual and emotional support for our patients.  A journey that began as a serious medical challenge for one has now assisted more than 1,100 patients fighting cancer.

Ribbon of Hope offers a variety of practical services to assist patients and family members.  With the primary focus of caring for the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient, Ribbon of Hope has a network of volunteers willing to involve themselves in the lives of our patients and families.  The heart of our service is personal interaction.  Contact us for a current list of services available free of charge to our patients.  We invite you to join us in our crusade to ensure that no one walks alone in their battle with cancer.

For more Information

Please contact the Ribbon of Hope office  at 574-389-7379 if you or someone you know would benefit from additional emotional and/or spiritual support. Visit their website at www.ribbonofhope.org.