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Lung Cancer Screening

In 2011, a very large research study showed for the first time ever, a CT scan for screening for lung cancer was both cost effective and saved lives.

The study had over 53,000 participants and showed that performing a CT scan of the chest in high-risk patients (ages 50-79 and long time smokers) could reduce lung cancer death by 20 percent.

Because of this study, Elkhart General Hospital offers CT scans as a screening to these individuals. If you have any symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or pain, you may qualify to have your insurance pay for the scan. If you do not have any symptoms present, but would like the scan for your peace of mind, Elkhart General Hospital has a self-pay package for the scan, which includes the radiologist fee. We want to make the price affordable so if you’re in the high-risk category, you can self refer and have the screening done.

If you smoke or were a smoker and are 50-79 years old, you may qualify to have this screening performed. Similar to a mammogram to detect breast cancer or a colonoscopy to detect colon cancer, this CT scan is performed to assist in finding cancer in its early stages when it is still potentially curable. Former smokers also qualify for the scan, as greater than 50 percent of all lung cancer found today is in former, not current smokers.

When you call for an appointment, we will inform you of the cost, ask some questions to see if you meet the high-risk criteria, and schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you. If you would like to talk to your physician about the CT scan, please feel free to do so, but we also take self referrals if you meet the smoking history criteria.

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For more information or to schedule a CT scan, call Patient Scheduling at 574-523-3444.