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Heather's Story

Ever since Heather was a teenager, she loved riding horses. But the unbridled passion for riding horses nearly disappeared when she came to the startling realization a few years ago that she was too heavy to ride her favorite horse.

Randy's Story

For Randy Mohler, it wasn’t just what 450 pounds was doing to his body. It was also the weight of a $600-a-month co-pay bill.

Lindsey's Story

For Lindsey Birch, it was the need to lose not just the weight but also those blinding three-a-week migraines.

FREE Bariatric Informational Seminars

Bariatric Surgeons Eric Knapp, DO and Luis A. Benavente, MD provide in-depth presentations on the latest weight-loss surgical techniques, including a review of the potential benefits and risks. A general discussion period will follow.

For more information, please call 574-523-3264 or toll free at 855-874-3BMI (3264).