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Friday, May 03, 2013 - Elkhart General Hospital New MRI Scanner Focuses on Patient-Centered Care

Elkhart, Ind. – Elkhart General Hospital recently installed a new advanced MRI scanner inside a unique experience suite. The new equipment is especially designed with claustrophobic patients in mind and includes the latest software to improve each patient’s exam.

“One of the biggest issues that arise when performing MRIs is claustrophobic reactions because patients are typically placed inside a long tube,” explained Ray Kiendl, Director of Radiology. “The only way to ease this problem is to sedate the patient. The new scanner has a wider and shorter bore, offering the patient a more comfortable experience, so we expect less need for nursing sedation support.” This new “open bore” concept keeps the patient’s head outside the MRI scanner for many exams, which minimizes the claustrophobic reactions.”
The experience suite offers some unique features to further enhance the patient’s visit. “Patients can choose their favorite color and with the push of a button, their chosen color will illuminate the suite,” Kiendl said. “There is also a nature scene in the ceiling to enrich the patient’s mood. Music is available to all patients through satellite radio or an iPod docking station for their own music selections. In addition, the experience suite offers an aesthetically pleasing look since all MRI medical supplies are hidden inside the room’s cabinetry.
The MRI scanner offers many new features that will shorten scan times, improve diagnostic quality and even allow for some patient motion while still achieving high quality images. The weight limit increases to 550 pounds versus 350 on the old scanner, and the open bore is wider to accommodate larger patient size. This scanner’s high field strength yields superior quality unattainable with the open and wide low field MRI systems.
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