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Thoughts, actions, feelings, impulses ... all our senses and our body movements are controlled by the nervous system. It is the thread running through each of us that makes us who we are. That's why disease or injuries affecting the nervous system can be so serious and disturbing. They affect that special system of organs that makes each of us unique.

Neuroscience patients include the young victim of a car accident whose brain injury causes irreversible paralysis, as well as the adult in mid-life who is diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer's disease. The patient could be a beloved grandmother whose personality is altered by a series of small strokes, or a 20-year-old driver who is in a coma because his brain was deprived of oxygen. These patients all require compassion and skill from their health care team, as well as the latest advances in neurodiagnostics and treatment.

At Elkhart General Hospital, expert neurologists and neurosurgeons aim to give excellent, ethical care to every patient they see by working with the diagnostic, rehabilitative, and social services to offer patients a comprehensive continuum of neurological care.

Clinical Research/Trials

Our neurologists are involved in federally regulated and approved investigations, including studies of promising new technologies and medications, as well as laboratory studies aimed at achieving a better understanding of the causes and progression of certain neurological diseases.