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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Situated within the Special Beginnings Maternity Center, our Level 2-B NICU gives your baby the latest in critical care should the need arise. Neonatologists spend several hours a day in the Special Beginnings Maternity Center and are on-call at night. At the same time, experienced Neonatology Nurse Practitioners are in the NICU for 12 hours and on-call for 12. Because having a newborn with medical problems can be very stressful, Elkhart General Hospital strives to provide a comforting experience for the entire family. While the baby is in NICU, moms are offered a bedroom nearby. This enables the family to spend as much time in the NICU as possible.

Once healthy enough, babies can spend several hours a day in the room with their parents. When they are too sick to leave the NICU, moms are invited in to provide kangaroo care. This practice of placing the babies' skin directly in contact with their mothers' skin comforts mothers and babies alike. The smell and feel of the mother is important to the baby's brain development and growth. Hearing her soothing heartbeat and voice helps their brains grow, and the babies sleep more soundly.