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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Mission of Beacon Health System is to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the communities we serve. Beacon Health System is committed to clinical excellence, compassionate care, and the ongoing improvement of quality of life. Our commitment will lead the Health System to be the community’s provider of outstanding quality, superior value and comprehensive health care services.

Our Values

  • Patients are at the Center – Patient needs, care and safety are our top priority.
  • Trust – Our actions will firmly demonstrate reliability on our integrity, abilities and our character.
  • Respect – We will treat our patients, community members and each other with the highest level of regard, demonstrating an understanding of different perspectives, cultures, interests and needs of others.
  • Integrity – We will continually do the right thing for our patients, associates and communities we serve.
  • Compassion – We will demonstrate the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy, and express the desire to help.

Our Vision

Beacon Health System will be recognized as a model for the delivery of health and wellness services by providing:

  • Innovative health care and wellness services of the highest quality at the greatest value
  • Easy access and convenience
  • Outstanding patient experiences

As a recognized model for health and wellness, we will be able to recruit the best talent in health care and effectively serve patients who seek our destination for health care. Beacon will operate as an integral part of the community with a system-wide, patient-centered culture that anticipates patients’ needs and preferences in an effort to exceed their expectations. Staff will coordinate care seamlessly across all locations. Beacon will collaborate to provide creative solutions to long-standing community wellness issues in a manner that appropriately utilizes critical resources and will allocate those resources throughout the extended network of locations. Between Chicago and Fort Wayne, Beacon will integrate the region’s largest team of medical providers, who are committed to raising the clinical standards of care, lowering both variation in clinical care and costs and simplifying care delivery among providers.

Goals in Carrying out our Vision:

  • Top 10% in clinical quality
  • Top 10% in patient satisfaction
  • Top tier in our peer group in value per patient