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Heart Failure Clinic

First thing to know: you’re not alone.

About five million Americans have heart failure – a chronic condition where your heart’s ability to pump blood is reduced. The result: a lack of oxygen that causes you to feel tired, mentally less alert and weak. Symptoms could also include swelling in your legs, feet, stomach or lungs. The good news is for many, heart function can be improved and symptoms reduced. The Elkhart General Hospital Heart Failure Clinic team is here to help you accomplish just that.

Our goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you manage your symptoms of heart failure. It starts with education, helping you fully understand the nature of your condition, its causes, and the ways it can be controlled by improved function and structure.

About the Clinic

Clinic visits are held weekly or every other week and generally last 60 to 90 minutes. Most patients attend two or three times, sometimes more. Medical directors oversee the program, and services are provided by nurse practitioners, in collaboration with registered dietitians, clinical pharmacists, fitness professionals and other Hospital clinicians. Aided by other hospital clinicians, our team will help you discover practical steps you can take to best manage your condition and improve your quality of life. During each visit, we will assess your health status and tailor services to optimize medication dosing, enhance your skills to identify problem symptoms early, and promote independence through wise diet and activity choices.

Topics covered include

  • Nutrition and healthy, delicious meal planning.
  • Exercise and fun activities guidance.
  • Roles of medication.
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Effective, simple relaxation skills.
  • Each Clinic visit also includes a relaxation experience and a heart-healthy recipe.

How you can participate

To participate, you will need a referral from your cardiologist or primary care physician. As you continue through the program, your referring physician will receive written reports on your progress. Family members or support persons are invited to participate as well. Your loved ones play a vital role in supporting your success, so it’s important they have a good understanding of your condition, your symptoms and the lifestyle choices you may want to make to get what you want out of life. The Heart Failure Clinic is covered by most major insurance plans, and Medicare and Medicaid are accepted.

Free Living with Heart Failure Support Group

In addition to the Clinic, Elkhart General offers a free support group for heart failure patients, families and support persons. No physician referral is needed and no registration is required. For more information, call 574-523-2785.

For More Information

For additional information about the Elkhart General Hospital Heart Failure Clinic, call 574-523-2785.