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Elkhart General Hospital Foundation

Created in 1966 by a group of Community leaders, the Elkhart General Hospital Foundation exists to actively obtain and effectively steward charitable support for Elkhart General Hospital. By doing so, the Foundation extends the Hospital's ability to carry out its mission of Creating Healthier Communities throughout Michiana.

Charitable giving is a core value in our culture. Countless generous individuals contribute time, talent and treasure to help their neighbor or foster change, all for the greater good of society. In fact, charitable giving played a major role in the founding of Elkhart General Hospital in 1909. Dr. Franklin Miles gave a $10,000 challenge gift to start the Hospital if the Community gave an additional $30,000, which they did. That spirit of giving to support the Hospital continues to this day.

Every citizen of our community expects the Hospital to be a leader in quality care, patient safety and innovation. Numerous national awards and recognition attest to the fact that these expectations have been exceeded and the Hospital is an essential community asset.

To maintain these high standards requires long-term investments. Investments in state of the art equipment and people. These investments must continue to be made to serve all of our patients, even those who are unable to pay. The payback on these investments is not measured in financial terms, rather, in lives saved and people healed.

Will you become an investor in healing and saving lives?

For More Information

For more infromation, please call the Elkhart General Hospital Foundation at 574-524-7458.