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Employee Education

Elkhart General Business Health Services provides up-to-date employee education in the form of one-hour seminars or series programs. Seminars are facilitated by Elkhart General Business Health Specialists.

Employee education includes group and individual support to help participants maintain behavior change, referral into appropriate programs, and follow-up meetings to track progress.

Hour-Long Seminars

  • Women & Depression
    Deals with depression throughout the life stages and where to turn for help.
  • Weight Management for Life
    An overview of key nutrition, diet, and exercise principles for long-term weight management.
  • Supermarket Survival
    An interactive discussion about nutrition labels, recognizing fat, cholesterol and sodium content of foods, and healthy exchanges.
  • Nutrition and Cancer Prevention
    Discussion on food substances that contain known cancer-fighting agents and links between cancer and a high-fat diet.
  • Depression
    Deals with signs and symptoms of depression, recognizing depression in loved ones, and where to get help.
  • Smoking, Alcohol, and Other Addictions
    Discusses individual symptoms for various addictions and where to get help.
  • Success in Reaching Personal Lifestyle Goals I
    Discusses theories of how people, stages of change and how to move through the stages to be successful for the long haul.
  • Success in Reaching Personal Lifestyle Goals II
    Discusses putting theory into action, goal setting, developing positive thinking and maintaining long-term motivation.
  • Diabetes Detection
    Focuses on the prevalence of diabetes, the signs and symptoms, and diabetes management.
  • Diabetes and Heart Disease
    Outlines the role of diabetes in the development of cardiovascular disease.
  • Stress Management Tools for Today's World
    Discusses successful tools and techniques to manage stressful situations.
  • Lipids and Healthy Heart Nutrition 
    Reviews blood lipids and their role in cardiovascular health, and components of a heart-healthy diet.
  • Exercise 
    Discusses the role of exercise in overall health and reviews components of a realistic and healthy exercise regimen. 
  • What You Can Do To Lower Your Cardiovascular Disease Risk
    Reviews modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease with discussion on lifestyle change.
  • Women's Health Forum
    Focuses on incontinence, osteoporosis and depression.
  • The Truth About Hypertension and Stroke 
    Reviews the signs and symptoms of hypertension and stroke. Topics covered include prevention, symptoms and available treatments.

Series presentations

  • Maintaining Long Term Behavior Change
    Sessions: 8
    This group series covers topics such as product vs. process mentality, stages of change, building self-efficacy and identifying and changing self-defeating behaviors. This series provides solid support for anyone trying to change a negative health behavior, from overeating to smoking.
  • Freedom from Smoking
    Sessions: 4-7
    This smoking cessation program was developed by the American Lung Association. It emphasizes self-determination rather than self-denial to help your employees quit smoking. It is available at Elkhart General Hospital or at your place of business.
  • LifeSteps Weight Management Program
    Sessions: 13
    This comprehensive weight management series is sponsored by the National Dairy Association. EGH Registered Dietitians combine sensible nutrition with behavior modification techniques to help your employees make the lifestyle changes to lose and maintain weight. This program is available at Elkhart General Hospital or at your place of business.

For more information

For more information or to register for any of the above programs, call Community Outreach at (574) 524-7503.