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Critical Care

The 24-bed Critical Care Center provides 24-hour intensive care for individuals who are critically ill, injured, or who have undergone extensive chest surgeries, including open heart surgery.

While in this unit, specially trained Registered Nurses provide care and comfort to your loved one. All aspects of the patient’s condition are monitored closely through the use of advanced equipment.

When the patient's physician determines that intensive care is no longer needed, the patient will be transferred to another unit, where trained Registered Nurses will continue to monitor their progress.

General Guidelines

  • All of the patient's personal belongings, except toiletries essential for the patient's care, should be taken home by the family.
  • Families are encouraged to wait in the Critical Care Lobby when not with the patient.
  • Please designate only one family member to make phone inquiries and to be responsible for communicating information to other family members. Due to patient privacy laws, Elkhart General Staff can give only limited information over the phone.
  • The Hospital Chaplain is available at the request of either the patient or family. Clergy are requested to contact the unit prior to visiting.
    • The Elkhart General Chapel is open 24-hours a day and is located on the 1st floor between classrooms 3 and 5.

Critical Care Lobby

The Lobby is located outside the entrance to the Critical Care Center. There you will find comfortable seating as well as a vending area, pay phones and restrooms. The Cafeteria, Arcade Deli and Cheery Corner Gift Shop are located on the first floor of the Hospital.

While using the Lobby, we ask for your cooperation in the following:

  • When away from the Lobby, please leave information on how you may be reached with the Heart & Critical Care Center Registration Desk. Family pagers are available. You can obtain one at the Registration Desk.
  • The use of the Lobby for overnight accommodations is discouraged.
  • Please respect other families using the Lobby.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the Hospital or on Hospital property. Please ask the Registration Desk for directions to the closest "off-campus" smoking area.
  • Cellular phones are permitted in the Critical Care Lobby, Cafeteria and Arcade Deli.
  • There is another lobby on the first floor of the Hospital to accommodate extended families.

Visiting Hours

Rest is one of the most important aspects of the patient’s recovery.

The following policies have been developed to provide comfort to the patient and family without sacrificing necessary nursing care or patient rest. We ask for your cooperation in observing these policies:

  • Please sign in and out with the Registration Desk. The Receptionist will call back to the nurse’s station for you to see if there can be visitation.
  • Visitors are asked to wait in the Critical Care Lobby, which is located outside the entrance to the Heart and Critical Care Center.
  • Balloons and cards are encouraged. Due to space limitations, large flower bouquets are not recommended.
  • There may be a delay in visitation if treatments, procedures or admissions are in progress on the unit. All attempts will be made to allow visitation as soon as possible.
  • Visitation guidelines may be altered by the nursing staff depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Please limit visitors to two at a time at the bedside and immediate family only, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Before children may visit, please check with a nurse. Child visitation requires adult supervision.
  • For the protection of both the patient and the family, all visitors must wash their hands before and after visiting the patient. A sink is available in each patient’s room. If you have any symptoms of illness, please avoid contact with the patient.
  • When the Receptionist is not on duty, please use the phone located at the Registration Desk to call the unit prior to visiting the patient. Updates are only given to immediate family.

VISITING HOURS: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.

If you have questions concerning the patient’s care or hospitalization, please feel free to talk with the nurses or call them at:

  • Critical Care West: 574-523-3240
  • Critical Care East: 574-523-7971

In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact family. If you are called to the Hospital after 8 p.m. or before 5 a.m., please use the Emergency Department entrance. All other Hospital entrances are locked between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.

We are here for you. Please notify us if you have any questions or concerns.

The Critical Care Center can be found by entering the Main Hospital Entrance and taking Elevator G to the third floor.